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Lotscher retires

Lotscher retires

Swiss international ends career after traffic accident

Published 11.02.2014 21:07 GMT+4 | Author Martin Merk
Lotscher retires
Swiss forward Kevin Lotscher scored two goals in his last game before the traffic accident, against Team USA at the 2011 IIHF World Championship. Photo: Jukka Rautio / HHOF-IIHF Images
Former Swiss national team forward Kevin Lotscher ends his career as a 25-year-old following a horrible traffic accident in 2011.

Lotscher was a player on the rise and had a strong showing in the 2011 IIHF World Championship in Slovakia but was involved in a traffic accident a few days after returning home when he was struck at the roadside by a car, driven by an intoxicated driver.

Lotscher was hit frontally and flung away. He was in artificial coma for more than a week after suffering a traumatic brain injury, as well as a knee injury.

The way back to normal life was not easy. He was first in a wheelchair and had to relearn co-ordination and movements and close the memory gap following the severe head injury.

The forward attempted to get back at his profession. He was allowed to play in the junior league and then played in the B-league for Sierre and Ajoie and three NLA games for his old club EHC Biel, but he didn’t come close to the shape of his days before the fatal accident.

On Tuesday he eventually announced his retirement after having been benched in the last few games with HC Ajoie.

“The decision has become more concrete in the last few months,” Lotscher said in a statement. “Therefore a new chapter in my life begins two-and-a-half years after the accident. I’m thankful for the unforgettable moments I was able to experience in hockey, no matter whether it was in the NLB, NLA or with the national team.”


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