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Latvia-Canada... 78 years later

Latvia-Canada... 78 years later

A match-up made in history

Published 19.02.2014 18:18 GMT+4 | Author Andrew Podnieks
Latvia-Canada... 78 years later
A photo of the first Latvian national team to play in an IIHF competition, at the 1933 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. Photo: Birger Nordmark Collection
Latvia’s stunning 3-1 win over Switzerland yesterday set up a quarter-finals date with Canada that marks the first Olympic game between the nations since 1936.

That game was played on 7th February 1936, at 9:00 am, and was won handily by the Canadians, 11-0. Arthur “Jakie” Nash got the shutout and Hugh Farquarson led Canada with four goals. Ralph St. Germain had a hat trick.

Latvia finished tied for 13th place that year, but more shockingly Canada didn’t win gold. After winning in each of the first four Olympics (1920-32), Canada suffered a 2-1 loss to Great Britain which eventually proved the difference between gold (GBR) and silver (Canada).

Latvia didn’t make it back to the Olympics until 2002 after it had regained its independence. The only other pre-war matchup between the two nations had come in 1935 when Canada won 14-0 at the World Championship in Davos, Switzerland.

In the modern era, Latvia managed a tie in 1997 when they met for the first time since 1936, but Canada has won all of the last nine meetings since by a total score of 60-9.

A win tonight over Canada would be a first for Latvia and would ensure the team’s highest and best finish ever. Even a loss would accomplish that as Latvia’s previous best was 9th in Salt Lake.

Roster Canada (Port Arthur Bear Cats) 1936

Goalkeepers: Francis “Dinty” Moore, Arthur “Jakie” Nash

Players: Walter “Pud” Kitchen, Ray Milton, Herman Murray, Hugh Farquharson, Alex Sinclair, Maxwell “Bill” Deacon, Ralph St. Germain, Dave Neville, Bill Thomson, Ken Farmer, Jim Haggarty

Roster Latvia 1936

Goalkeepers: Herberts Kuskis, Roberts Lapainis

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Players: Alexejs Auzins, Roberts Blukis, Janis Bebris, Arvids Jurgens, Karlis Paegle, Arvids Petersons, Adolfs Petrovskis, Janis Rozitis, Leonids Vedejs.

With files from the 2014 IIHF Guide & Record Book.


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