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Clarification of disallowed goal

Clarification of disallowed goal

Displaced goal frame in USA-Russia game

Published 16.02.2014 01:50 GMT+4 | Author Adam Steiss
Clarification of disallowed goal
Two screenshots show the net off the mooring at the time of the goal.
The International Ice Hockey Federation released the following statement to clarify the rules concerning the disallowed goal in the USA-Russia game.

The International Ice Hockey Federation would like to clarify the disallowed goal ruling made by the referee during Game No. 12 of the 2014 Olympic men’s tournament preliminary round between Russia and USA. According to Rule #330b, section 2 of the IIHF Rulebook - a puck going into the net prior to the goal frame being displaced is subject to review by the Video Goal Judge.

Upon reviewing the goal, it was determined that the net had clearly been displaced prior to the puck going into the net. According to Rule 471a article 5 - If the goal net has been displaced from its normal position, or the frame of the goal net is not completely flat on the ice.

The IIHF referee supervisor Konstantin Komissarov confirmed that the ruling made by referees Brad Meier and Markus Vinnerborg was the correct call and that the proper procedure had been followed with regards to the video review.


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