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Starkov transfer conditional

Starkov transfer conditional

Danish player under investigation for betting

Published 20.02.2014 17:19 GMT+4 | Author Adam Steiss
Starkov transfer conditional
Starkov will be able to play in Switzerland but is still subject to disciplinary measures stemming from a betting scandal. Photo: Andre Ringuette / HHOF-IIHF Images
The IIHF has conditionally approved Kirill Starkov’s transfer from the Danish club Esbjerg to Red Ice Martigny in Switzerland.

Starkov has been charged with betting on a game in which he participated (a Danish league match between Rungsted and Esbjerg IK on 3rd January 2014) and the investigation is currently ongoing.

The IIHF determined that Starkov could be transferred to Martigny if the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation follows through on enforcing any disciplinary measures handed down on the player by the Danish Sports Confederation’s Betting Board.

Because at present time Starkov has not been provisionally suspended by the Danish Federation Betting Board, and in part due to his being charged with the lesser offence of betting on a match versus match-fixing, the IIHF decided to approve his transfer to Switzerland.

However, if the Swiss federation and Martigny do not enforce any disciplinary measures by the Danish Board (such as a suspension), the player and the club will be subject to IIHF disciplinary measures in accordance with the IIHF Transfer Regulations. In addition, the player’s Transfer Application will be voided.


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