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Playoff pairings set

Playoff pairings set


Published 16.02.2014 23:41 GMT+4 | Author Martin Merk
Playoff pairings set
After a tight preliminary-round clash, Switzerland and Latvia will play each other again in the Qualification Playoffs. Photo: Andre Ringuette / HHOF-IIHF Images
The Preliminary Round is over. Sweden, USA, Canada and Finland receive a bye to the Quarter-Finals while the other eight teams go to the Qualification Playoff.

The seeding is determined by the overall ranking of all 12 teams according to following criteria: position in the group, higher number of points, better goal difference, higher number of goals scored.

Overall Ranking Preliminary Round:
1. Sweden
2. USA
3. Canada
4. Finland
5. Russia
6. Switzerland
7. Czech Republic
8. Slovenia
9. Austria
10. Slovakia
11. Latvia
12. Norway

While the four overall top-ranked teams – the three group winners and the second-placed team with the best record – earn a bye to the Quarter-Finals, the teams ranked 5th to 12th will determine the additional four quarter-finalists in the Qualification Playoff.

The following games will be played in the Qualification Playoff on 18th February:
Russia vs. Norway
Switzerland vs. Latvia
Czech Republic vs. Slovakia
Slovenia vs. Austria

The times and venues will be announced tomorrow.

The Quarter-Finals will be played one day later on 19th February with the following pairings:
Sweden vs. winner SLO-AUT
USA vs. winner CZE-SVK
Canada vs. winner SUI-LAT
Finland vs. winner RUS-NOR

The match-ups, schedule, and ranking are all subject to final confirmation during the IIHF Directorate Meeting being held on 17th February at 14:00 Sochi time. The official schedule will not be released until after the meeting on


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